we are here is a new creative studio. We initiate interactions, moments, environments and performances that foster empathy, invite reflection and broaden perspectives.

Led by co-directors Elgiva Field and Matt Hutchinson, we are here bring together creative collaborators and concepts to expand an idea into an artistic intervention to create “flashbulb” memories for audiences.

ZERAFFA GIRAFFA 2017 (photo by Ellie Kurz)

We make work for the adventurous and the inquisitive: for those who want to be told a tale and those who want to enter in to it. We make work that places audiences in the present. We engage audiences on all levels – using highly visual stage language that activates objects and environments and keen dramaturgy with unifying, relatable themes that appeals across generations and cultures.

Matt and Elgiva collaborated when they created the 2017 production Zeraffa Giraffa (Elgiva as Director and Matt for Puppetry), which played at the Little Angel Theatre and Omnibus Theatre and won the 2018 OFFIE for best production for audiences 0 -7. 

Realising they had a creative synergy, a desire to mix art forms in and out of traditional performance contexts, and a tonne of ideas they wanted to make together, we are here was born.